A Personal Rant

Apologies in advance, but I don’t want to dump my personal problems all over facebook. So I’m dumping them here where it hopefully won’t turn into some stupid gossip crap.

Today we’re going to talk about plans and priorities. When I make plans with a person, I ensure that I will be able to follow through on those plans and only something of a higher priority can interfere (and not much ranks higher than spending time with my friends). Sometimes work calls and I have to go there and that’s frustrating but unless it’s a consistent problem, I feel work is a priority. My time is valuable and so how I spend it is not to be taken lightly.

And this is why I am really upset with certain people in my life right now. I’ve been making plans to spend time with them for months and each time they bail on me. Before you make any assumptions, they are a very different sort of person than I am so they don’t understand that what they’re doing is offensive. But every time this happens I end up more and more frustrated until today when my roommate bailed on our Bible study tonight because she has other plans. Not that those plans aren’t important but we’d planned this weeks ago and so I feel like I rank pretty low on her list of priorities which is upsetting to me because I’ve been investing time in our relationship and I only invest time in a relationship if I think it’s worthwhile.

I do need to talk to her about it because I’m not sure she realizes what she’s doing but there hasn’t been a time for that because as previously stated she’s never home. I’d like to do it when I’m a little less angry though and can keep my stupid emotions in check because I’m just hurt at this point.

I never knew that having extraverted friends was this difficult.